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AWS Cognito Delete Identities

Deletes identities from an identity pool.

AWS Cognito Describe Identity

Returns metadata related to the given identity, including when the identity was created and any associated linked logins.

AWS Cognito Get Credentials For Identity

Returns credentials for the provided identity ID.

AWS Cognito Get Id

Generates (or retrieves) a Cognito ID.

AWS Cognito Get Open Id Token For Developer Identity

Registers (or retrieves) a Cognito IdentityId and an OpenID Connect token for a user authenticated by your backend authentication process.

AWS Cognito List Identities

Lists the identities in a pool.

AWS Cognito Lookup Developer Identity

Retrieves the IdentityID associated with a DeveloperUserIdentifier or the list of DeveloperUserIdentifiers associated with an IdentityId for an existing identity.

AWS Cognito Merge Developer Identities

Merges two users having different IdentityIds, existing in the same identity pool, and identified by the same developer provider.

AWS Cognito Unlink Developer Identity

Unlinks a DeveloperUserIdentifier from an existing identity.

AWS Cognito Unlink Identity

Unlinks a federated identity from an existing account.

Azure Recovery Services Registered Identities Delete

Unregisters the given container from your Recovery Services vault.

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